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Why did Marlene leave?

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Children's Museum is fully handicapped accessible
Handicapped accessibl

Only Children's Museum in the country to be adopted by both NASA and the Office of Science
NASA partner











Utica NY Childen's Museum 4th floor NASA space tire & ahuttle

Marlene's Bio

We provide for children of all ages and cultures
The Original CM logo

Marlene was voted in, in 2007 to be Rotary District 7150 Governor for
T-shirts made for Marlene - & the Utica NY Childen's Museum at no charge - by the India Club she visited as Rotary Governor (she & Earl viewed factory work)


Children's Museum of Utica NY 2000-2015 history under Marlene Brown. Marlene was made Executive Director Emeritus by CM Board. Chair Domser, Utica Mayor Palmieri & Congressman Boehlert honored & thanked Marlene & Earl for growing the Children's Museum. Marlene's comment/ Don't Sell- here's why!

Marlene & Earl opened 4th floor Utica NY Childen's Museum & CM was adopted by NASA & Office of Science

Marlene Brown, Executive Director Emeritus of The Children's Museum, Utica NY
Marlene Inducted in Seneca-Falls Women's-Hall-of -Fame / Her Bio

EDE Marlene & former Congressman Sherry Boehlert
Aug. 2015 Event Utica NY Childen's Museum, EDE Marlene & former Congressman Sherry Boehlert delighted to see each other
Utica NY Childen's Museum
Utica NY Childen's Museum EDE Marlene honored for her years of service to the Museum by CM Bd Chair & Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri
The Children's Museum, Utica, NY We provide for children of all ages on our LED Play Dance Floor
LED Play Dance Floor on our Utica NY Childen's Museum -fun & active

Children's Museum, Utica NY NASA exhibits  "Find out your weight on planets!
See how much you weigh on the different planets on our Utica NY Childen's Museum Space Scale

The Children's Museum, Utica, NY has numerous train exhibits, some the kids and run!<
Trains Galore on Utica NY Childen's Museum 4th fl is 1/3 interactive trains/artif

Children's Museum, Utica NY real airplane kids can "pilot
Brad Enthralls kids ‘pilot’ our Utica NY Childen's Museum donated real airplane!

Chilrens Museum interactive Erie Canal a hit
Interactive Utica NY Childen's Museum Erie Canal, put in by GE Elfun's
Children's Museum, Utica NY Dinosaur Dig & DinoRama
Utica NY Childen's Museum 2nd floor Dinosaur Dig, enjoyed by children of all ages

Visitors enjoy watching Hank the Snake get fed!
Utica NY Childen's Museum Visitors enjoy the Living Science Animal & Butterfly Room on the museums 3rd fl!

Our Children's Museum live beehive tiess in to the Utica Marsh
Larry @ Utica NY Childen's Museum Live Beehive, bees go Utica Marsh for pollen, bk to CM -make honey in combs.

Children's Museum Lego Exhibits popular w/all ages
Utica NY Childen's Museum legos tables are popular w/all age children

Our Utica NY Childen's Museum "History of Utica Settlers" wall on CM's 3rd fl w/historical facts on founding of City of Utica

View CM Video of Educational Student fun!

Historic Building in Baggs Square
Children's Museum of History, Science & Technology, 311 Main St, Utica NY. one of the oldest buildings in Baggs Sq. Utica NY. Childen's Museum Original Website Marlene designed in 1999

Bd honored Marlene Emeritus Award

4th Fl Exhibits

CM Floor Maps

CM Growth



Marlene :& Earl founded the 3rd  eClub for Rotary
eRotary NY1 Club

Marlene's TechnoTouch website

Children's Museum, Utica NY NASA exhibits  "Find out your weight on planets!
CM space scale weighing

Marlene's accomplishments

The Children's Museum has an extensive exhibits of trains on 3 of our floors
Utica NY Childen's Museum Trains Galore-4th floor

Congressman Richard Hanna & ED Marlene unveil Wind Turbine display on Utica NY children's museum's 3rd fl.. TV's were donated by Comm.Foudation

Asswmblyman Anthony Brindisi presents ED Marlene with a plaque from NYS to commemorate the Utica NY Childen's Museum 50th Anniversary