Children's Museum 1st Floor

Our Children's Museum of History, Natural History, Science & Technology has 4 floors (6,000 square feet per floor) with 60 Pavillions & 1,000's of exhibits, for kids from 1 to 101.

1st floor: Toddlers Play Space * Wooden Train * Exploration Station * Saturn Car * Microbe Room * Hyperbolic Funnel * Healthy Kids Hut

1st Floor, including PlaySpace for children under the age of 3; Exploration Station for children ages 3 and up; The Museum's own Main Street USA, the Saturn car exhibit, musical exhibit, hyperbolic funnel, mini shopping mall, and more!

The Children's Museum will be unveiling their "Healthy Kids Hut" sponsored by Shaklee, at a Sept. 17th ribbon cutting, 10am at the museum, Utica NY
Sat., Sept. 17th, 2011 we unveiled our 1st floor "Healthy Kids Hut", part of our going green! Right, ribbon cutting with our Board, sponsor Mary Cardinale & Shaklee rep. Above, the first children enjoying! View video.
The Children's Museum has opened another new exhibit, a Healthy Kids Hut, sponsored by Shaklee!

Rotary eClub's Museum exhibit
& Slideshow of Museum's exhibits/activities

Our Toddlers PlaySpace train with sound on our 1st floor

Our Gift Shop

Above: Our CM Gift Shop is a popular 1st floor stop; Right: Sir John, our CM knight, greets visitors in our first floor foyer area










Children are the exhibit in PlaySpace. For children 3 and under. Here infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can find toys and activitites helpful to their learning and growth. Adults in the PlaySpace can observe children in various stages of development, talk with other parents, learn home activities and explore resources for parenting. There is also a mini-library located in PlaySpace, which provides children's books and a quiet place to read. Every day of the week, at 11am, there's a special program just for pre-schoolers. Come enjoy! The Big CM Wooden Train in this area, outside the gate, is open to children of all ages.

Kids of all ages love "exploring stores" in our two-story Exploration Space

Everyone likes watching the coins go round & round in our Funnel

Our History Wall

Photos of our building's beginning

Our PlaySpace Nursing Room area

Our PlaySpace Library

Exploration Space - Downstairs

Exploration Space - Upstairs

Our Main Street exhibits, Above: and our hyperolic funnel, Right, intrigue kids of all ages!

Our new 1st floor Mircobiology Room, courtesy of HCCC

PlaySpace has a new safety rail in our Toddlers area, courtesy Urban Contractors!

Volunteers Ric Rosero & Earl Lewis moved PlaySpace door into new half wall they built

Children of all ages enjoy our Big Wooden Train while toddlers keep their secure space

This train can be viewed from inside & outside PlaySpace

This Brio wooden train for pre-schoolers is popular

Our Main St., USA stoplight

Pint sized tables are just the thing

Mom & youngster enjoy reading room





































The Children's Museum of History, Living History, Science & Technology
311 Main Street, Utica, NY 13501

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