Children's Museum 2nd Floor

Our Children's Museum of History, Natural History, Science & Technology has 4 floors (6,000 square feet per floor) with 60 Pavillions & 1,000's of exhibits, for kids from 1 to 101.

2nd floor: LED PlayDanceFloor * Musical Stage * Iroquois Longhouse * History Diorama * Clowns/Dolls * Erie Canal * Dinorama/Fossils


Come play at The Children's Museum of History & Science in Utica NY
Our ever popular LED Play Dance Floor on the 2nd floor

Kids of all ages enjoying our Interactive LED Play Dance Floor!

The Brindisi Law Firm rying out the museum's dance floor!

Jan. 15th, 2011 - Hamilton College students end their busy workday at The Children's Museum by enjoying our LED Play Dance Floor and posing on our historic oak staircase for the traditional photo


Erie Canal Hall of Fame: The Museum has a great Erie Canal Hall of Fame exhibit area, with lots of information on the canal and the impact it had on Utica and Central NY, and artifacts from that era. Our interactive canal exhibit enables kids of all ages to send the boats down the canal, through the locks! This enhances our multi-media CNY History Diorama.

L to R: GE Elfun's Ken Driscoll, Bob Dicks, John Stephenson and Bill Sheerin. Other member of the team who worked on the new interactive Erie Canal project include Steve Butler & Alba Scott.

11-12 The Erie Canal played an important role in NY state's history and as an important landmark, this new exhibit at the museum will enable youngsters to work the locks themselves, thus learning, hands-on, how the boats traveled the canal, through the locks. The exhibit is on the Children’s Museum’s 2nd floor, near our other Erie Canal exhibits. We also havet an Erie Canal quiz for youngsters who when completed & turned in at the front desk, will then be eligible for one of our new Children’s Museum t-shirts as a prize!

Mr. Bill installs a flag of the period (1860-1900). Until T R became President any flag that was approved could be flown. Now the official flag changes July 4th after a new state is added to the Union .

Our Erie Canal Exhibit is a popular 2nd floor stop
That kids can operate themselves!


Our Erie Canal Exhibit is a popular 2nd floor stop

11-23-12 L to R. - Elfun's & CM Bd Mbr John Stephenson, Exhibit Artist Alba Scott, Exhibit Builder Bob Dicks, Museum Director Marlene Brown, Elfun & CM Bd Mbr Bill Sheerin, CM Board Chair John Nogas

Children's Museum case of Erie Canal history with painting in background

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Dinorama: Lewis S. Brown, an anthropology curator at the Museum of Natural History, originally created Dinorama. Recently renovated in 1999, the new Dinorama now includes sounds, multi-media, lighting and even a working model of a volcano! Dinorama displays dinosaurs and their habitats, and even includes a life size Baby Brachiosaurus. Also on the 2nd floor is a hanging model of a Pterodactyl, and an Paleontology Activity Center. All of these are viewed by visitors and also used for educational programs.

Left: Paleontology Corner; Above: Rock collection

Part of our 2nd floor doll collection

And more of our doll collection

Our unique 2nd floor Paper Mache' marionette collection

Our 2nd floor puppet theatre

Our 2nd floor Toys BC (before computers)

Our 2nd floor Clown collection

Our 2nd floor dinosaur/fossil exhibits

Our 2nd floor NYS history exhibit

Our LED Interactive Play Dance Floor & Musical Stage

3-06 School Group enjoying our musical stage

3-06 Xylophones, karaoke with TV viewing & more!

3-06Pianos bring out the musician in kids!

Enjoying our multi-musical stage instruments, hands-on fun!

1/12 - WUTR sponsors John Joy 4th graders visit to Children's Museum

Family exploring our interactive local History Diorama & Erie Canal exhibits


Our Microbe Room, Trading Post, Truck Stop, & Dino Dig

Our 2nd floor Dino Dig, courtesy of the GE Elfun's

Oneida Nation Foundation's Chuck Fougnier presents plaque to Director Brown & Board Member Margaret Splain at our 2nd floor Trading Post

The Iroquois Native American Longhouse, the first exhibit created for The Children's Museum, first exhibited in 1963 in the basement of the Utica Public Library. This exact full-scale replica is located on the Museum's 2nd floor, along with numerous native American artifacts. This permanent exhibit is used for educational programs as well enjoyment of the daily museum-goer. The 2005 improvements to this exhibit include artifacts, interactive kiosks, longhouse display, historical and educational displays, all made possible by financial support from the Oneida Indian Nation and Foundation. Read article by Utica O-D.

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The Elfun's: The Museum has a GE Elfun presence, many of the exhibits were created and are maintained by Elfuns: Elfun Community Coordinator working on the "Freeze Your Shadow" exhibit. Elfuns created the Saturn Exhibit and helped modernize Dinorama.

The popular & educationally fascinating kiosks from OIN's Four Directions Studio

The Wampum Belt & LaCrosse exhibits, at the end of the Longhouse, near the kiosks

New OIN exhibits join existing CM exhibits






















The Children's Museum of History, Living History, Science & Technology
311 Main Street, Utica, NY 13501

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