Children's Museum 4th Floor - Transportation Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The Children’s Museum is the only children’s museum in the country to be adopted by NASA & the Office of Science. Their many exhibits are on our 4th floor: NASA / Space Exhibits * Fire/Police Exhibits * Real Airplanes * NYCentral Switchboard * Lionel/HO train exhibits*All items donated were done so w/the understanding they would remain in the museum.

The Children's Museum has been adopted by NASA - National Aeronautic Space Agency  - and houses many neat and cool NASA exhibits on our 4th floor
View 1/3 of our 4th floor that's full of NASA exhibits/artifacts!

Trains Galore! View 1/3 of our 4th floor that's full of interactive trains!
Kids love to sit in & 'pilot' our real airplane (which flew out of OC airport!)

2-14 Mr. Earl & Mr. Sammy building another table for additional Lionel & HO trains donated!

9-12-12 L to R: Dr. James Garvin, NASA's Chief Scientist, formerly Lead NASA Scientist for Mars Rover Explorations. The above photo was taken at the end of a 2 day Planetary/ Engineering workshop, plus a tour of NASA’s Goddard Space Center in Maryland, to which Utica Children's Museum Executive Director Marlene Brown & Exhibits Manager Earl Lewis were invited to attend. Dr. Garvin was in our museum in 2004 with then Congressman Sherry Boehlert to present us with the Mars Rover exhibit we still display

8-12-12 L to R: NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin with Utica Children's Museum Executive Director Marlene Brown & Exhibits Manager Earl Lewis, who were among a select group of museum leaders who were invited to attend a 2 day STEM workshop, plus a tour of NASA’s JPL Lab in Pasadena, CA, and the live viewing of the Mars Rover Curiosity landing on Mars.
Astronaut Melvin was in our Museum in 2003 with then Congressman Sherry Boehlert & NASA Administrator O'Keefe.
Dept. of Energy's Office of Science Director Dr. Raymond Orbach announce adoption of Children's Museum in Utica NY
Dec, 2002: Dr. Ray Orbach, Director of the Dept. of Energy's Office of Science, at 4th floor grand opening, with Congressman Sherry Boehlert & Museum Dir. Marlene Brown, announcing the adoption of our museum.
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe "pins" Director Marlene Brown as her grandchildren look on
March 2003, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe "pins" Marlene prior to our March 29th, 2003 Museum Ceremony on our Museum's new 4th floor, announcing the adoption of our museum. View more.

Dr. Ray Orbach, Director of the Dept. of Energy's Office of Science, at 4th floor grand opening, with Congressman Sherry Boehlert.

NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe (L.) & Congressman Sherry Boehlert (R.) pose w/youngster in front of Mars Rover.
Children's Museum adopted by NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe & House Science Chairman Sherwood Boehlert
L to R: Front Row: Trevor & Rachel Caron; 2nd Row: Nick Rotundo, Shawn McCool, Museum Director Marlene Brown, Congressman Sherry Boehlert, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe; NASA Office of Educ. Admin. Dr. Adena Loston; Astronaut Leland Melvin participate in opening Ceremony event.

Fire Marshall Dan Trevisani (CM Board member)
& Utica Fire Chief

Utica Mayor Tim Julian, Board Chair Dave Pendergast, Bd Member UPD Joe Ruggerio & CM Exec. Dir. Marlene Brown

Joe Fraccola, USPS, with Mary Jo Beach (Regent Broadcasting) and Patty Williams (RigAll) L.

6-05 Congressman Sherry Boehlert (Chairman of House Science Committee) & Astronaut Ed Lu with museum Director Marlene Brown just prior to the opening of the ceremony

Enjoying watching student groups come in: Jim Stofan (NASA D. D. educational headquarters, ) David DeFelice (NASA Glenn Research Center Ohio), Boehlert & Lu

The program gets opened by the color/honor guard from Proctor High School's JROTC

The children from the various elementary schools in attendance watch the opening in respectful awe

Congressman Boehlert delighted the youngsters with his sharing of the importance of science & space education

The Albany Elementary school students sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee"

Students from Sharon Springs school & Constableville are mesmirzed by Astronaut Lu (they sang "God Bless America"

Astronaut Ed Lu describes some of his experiences in space, aboard the ISS, including flying over Utica!

Left: Congressman Boehlert (center) beams as youngsters listen to presentation on NASA education from Jim Stofan, NASA D.C. headquarters

David Defelice (Glenn Research Center) explains the new exhibit on our 4th floor, "Why We Explore"

Ron Ernst (Goddard Education Center, Maryland) describes program he'll be doing on museum's 2nd floor

Debbie Sharp (Johnson Space Center, Houston) describes the ISS trailers, outside the museum for a month

Debbie presents museum & Chairman Boehlert with specially designed montages

Proctor Academy A Principal Ron Amruso announces new collaborative project with CM & congratulate JROTC

Oneida County Executive Joe Griffo at the opening

Jeff Daniels representing Utica Mayor Tim Julian

Congressman Boehlert delighted the youngsters with his sharing of the importance of science & space education

The Albany Elementary school students sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee"

Students from Sharon Springs school & Constableville are mesmirzed by Astronaut Lu (they sang "God Bless America"

Astronaut Ed Lu describes some of his experiences in space, aboard the ISS, including flying over Utica!

7-05 CM article in Utica O-D entitled "Museum gives kids taste of traveling through space - Floor of Children's Museum a haven for future explorers" View article here
NASA's shuttle Discovery prepares for launch July 2005
7-05 NASA's shuttle Discovery, with Commander Eileen Collins, from Elmira NY, ready for liftoff. Columbia shuttle family members wish "God Speed, Discovery" Download "It's Time to Soar Again" by Astronaut Jim Lovell

Congressman Boehlert & Rome Mayor Jim Brown lead the group to the VIP grand opening tour of the trailers

Board members, Media and other invited VIP's join the group for the opening tour

Inside the trailers, Astronaut Ed Lu enthralls everyone with his experiences in space

Left: Congressman Boehlert (Chairman of the House Science Committee) tries out the astronaut's in space sleeping bag! Above: Boehlert, Lu, Brown depart trailers

Atty. Joan Teuchert Shkane and her grandson delighted to meet Astronaut Lu at our VIP reception

NASA officials, Board members, Media & invited guests enjoy the reception in our birthday room

Discussing future educational projects at Children's Museum

WIBX interviewing Astronaut Lu

On museum's 2nd floor, Ron Ernst presents educ program

His program included models and actual space suits!

On the 1st floor, scout troop met Eva the Astronaut!

School & scout groups got to try on space suits!

Director Brown & husband, CM volunteer Earl, with Eva

Our 4th floor exhibit includes the New York State Astronauts "Wall of Honor"

And exhibits on Moon exploration

As well as future exploration planned

NASA's Astronaut Edward Tsang Lu (Ph.D.) at Children's Museum in Utica, NY
NASA's Astronaut Edward Tsang Lu (Ph.D.)
Visited the Children's Museum on June 10, 2005
Graduated from Webster, NY high school * B.S. from Cornell University, NY * Doctorate from Stanford University

A veteran of three space missions, and the first American to launch and land on a Soyuz spacecraft, Astronaut Lu spent 6 months aboard the ISS & shared those experiences with museum visitors on June 10th.

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The International Space Station Traveling Trailer Exhibit, operated by NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, featured two 48-foot trailers linked in an L-shape form. Three video presentations and an interactive animated astronaut entertained & informed viewers with the story of human exploration of space, living and working in this international orbiting laboratory. Approximately 100 people a half hour move through the exhibit. The trailers were at the Children's Museum June 10th to July 8th. Our museum is 1 of only 20 cities in the country hosting the ISS trailers. Touring them was available to museum visitors on days we were open: 11:00 to 11:30am, 12:30 to 1:00, and 2:00 to 2:30pm. Viewing this exhibit was free with paid Museum admission.

A "live" Astronaut shares ISS stories with visitors in the International Space Station trailer exhibit

An animated Astronaut shares information about what it's like aboard the International Space Station

As a part of NASA's partnership with the Children's Museum, an exploration-themed exhibit was unveiled June 10th, 2005. The 2000-square-foot exhibit, "Why We Explore," includes materials originally part of NASA's touring Centennial of Flight exhibition that drew record crowds across the country in 2003. The design team from Glenn Research Center, Ohio, began the exhibit with a look at ancient explorers. A series of pictorial displays continues with pioneers in flight, revisits the Moon, and goes on to Mars and beyond.

The exhibit includes a "wall of fame" for the 32 astronauts who were either born or have a home town in the state of New York. Historical artifacts include scaled models of an Apollo Lunar Module, Space Shuttle, and a Mars Exploration Rover. An interactive computer timeline takes users through the first century of flight. Video programs provide a glimpse into NASA plans for future space exploration. Kids can step on to NASA's Solar System Scale to see how much they would weigh during a Space Shuttle launch, on the Moon or on each of the nine planets.
This beautiful and informative interactive exhibit will join our other NASA exhibits on the 4th floor: space shuttle Orbiter Columbia, Lunar Lander module, and a Mars Rover exhibit. Touring available to museum visitors on days we're open, during these time frames: 11:30-12:00pm, 1:00pm to 1:30pm, and 2:30 to 3:00pm. Viewing of this exhibit is included in Museum admission.

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Making this possible, RigAll sets up outside the museum

RigAll crew working with NASA & museum crews, bringing the new exhibits in through our 4th floor window

Volunteering their services, RigAll is a true museum hero

Up in the air, crates with exhibits head to their new home

A magnificent spectacle

Once inside, NASA crews from Glenn Research Center begin the setup of the new "Why We Explore" exhibit

Outside, the NASA trailers get set up by NASA crew from Houston & Madonia Electric, laying cables needed

Also volunteering their services, Madonia Electric is another true museum Hero

Making sure wiring's set in the museum

A view from the museum's 4th floor window

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View our honored guest, exhibits, and museum heroes * Download Agenda * Download group visit form

7-04 Congressman Sherry Boehlert, Chairman of House Science Committee, loves sharing the 4th floor exhibits he obtained for our Children's Museum with visitors

7-04 Our Mars Rover exhibit was unveiled by NASA's Dr. James Garvin, head of the Rover exploration program.

Utica Mayor Tim Julian, Board Chair Dave Pendergast, Bd Member & UPD Joe Ruggerio

Joe Fraccola, USPS, with Mary Jo Beach (Regent Broadcasting) and Patty Williams (RigAll) L.

USPS Director showing kids the stamp he commenorated for The Children's Museum

County Executive Ralph Eannace proclaims 12-6-02 Children's Museum Day in Oneida County

Ted Kibiuk shares the story of his donated 17 ft airplane

NSA Astronaut Space Suit exhibit

Common Council's Anne Sullivan, OC Legislator RoseAnn Convertino & OC Executive Ralph share a smile w/Marlene

Chairman of the House Science Committee & the Director of the Office of Science arrive for the 4th floor opening w/ smiles of delight!

The impressive color guards from the Utica Police and Fire Departments

President/Director Marlene Brown welcomes the crowd to the opening of CM's 4th floor

CM Volunteer Earl Lewis & Board of Directors unveil 4th floor plaque dedicated to those who made it possible

Dept. of Energy's Office of Science Don McShurley explains his Cosmic Ray Telescope

Marge Bardeen, FermiLab, explaining particles

Corporate Sponsor NY Power Authority CEO/President Gene Zeltman w/Bd Mbr Sharon Heiber (NYPA) & Museum Director Marlene

John DeLooper w/Princeton's Plasma exhibit

Oneida Indian Nation's Chuck Fougnier presents sponsor check to Marlene

The Hartford Ins. Co. presents sponsor check

Sponsor Gail Scalise (NH Hannaford's) L. - w/ Sponsor Fred Collis of Collis & Sons

John Hughes Elementary School Tonettes perform"Prayer"

A view of the new floor from over the wing of an airplane!

The children enjoy Eva! To top

And Eva enjoys visiting the Children's Museum!

Our Lunar Lander

Our Columbia Shuttle

3-27-04 Mars Photo Lab exhibit was at the museum - visitors got their picture taken "on Mars!"

3-27-04 New Mars Exploration Rover exhibit unveiled at the Children's Museum

4-10-04 Bob Malara gets his dad's drone plane ready

4-10-04 Museum staff helps hoist it into place

John DeLooper, Princeton Lab (c.) showing display he's bringing to CM Feb. '03 to
the Office of Science Director Dr. Raymond Orbach
& Secretary of Energy Abraham

2-04 Exec.. Dir. Marlene Brown & Princeton Plasma Lab's John DeLooper view "Jacob's Ladder," hands-on science exhibit he created for the Children's Museum, now on permanent display on our 4th fl w/ our Science & Nasa exhibits.

March, 2003 Starship 2040 landed at the Children's Museum!

Congressman Sherry Boehlert tours Starship 2040

On the 3rd floor, NASA educator Ron Ernst enthralls visiting groups with his presentation, including trying on a space suit! View more pictures of the Starship 2040 and NASA 3 day event.

Inside Starship 2040, at CM March 2003.

Aug. 2003 a new NASA exhibit arrives at CM & our window friends & RigAll show up to help us

After crates of exhibits are taken care of, window is closed back up again

NASA technicians from Alabama work on setup

& smiling proudly w/Director Brown upon completion
A group of delightful children who resettled to Utica NY from Mynamar enjoyed immensely a field trip to our Children's Museum of History & Science
Enjoying the 4th floor's NASA exhibits, including interactive space scale!

I weigh how much on which planet??

Enjoying the 4th floor's Space Scale

Wow, there's so much to do up here!

New friends enjoying

John explains the 4th floor Plasma science exhibits he designed for our Children's Museum

Congressman Sherry Boehlert & former Astronaut Mike McCulley, CEO of United Space Coalition, bring NASA exhibits to the museum and present Director Marlene Brown with a check for $5,000 for the Children's Museum.

D.C. visitors who work at Office of Science were delighted with our 4th floor exhibits

And I'm finding out what plasma has to do with colors!

Visitors of all ages enjoying
The Children's Museum's 4th floor holds many NASA exhibits, including Adia Bulawa's Mars Rover Contest finalist picture and winning essay
Adia Bulawa entry displayed between Interactive Space Scale & Mars Rover model

Adia Bulawa, 1 of 9 NASA Name the Mars Rover finalist, with Director Brown

Princeton Plasma Lab's John DeLooper at our Children's Museum where he demonstrated an interactive "Plasma Toys" exhibit.

Wow, I'm making electricity! utters one excited child! Children of all ages enjoy learning about plasma and playing with cool science toys!

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June 10th & 11th, come see our newest NASA Exhibits which will be outside & housed on our 4th floor! Unveiling of exhibits, Press Conference, and Reception being held from 10:30am to 12:30pm on Fri., June 10th at the Children's Museum.

Saturday, April 2, 2005, we held our Annual Science & Technology Fair. Kids entered tech and science exhibits; interacted with NASA Glenn & Rocketdyne Power & MV Astronomy Society interactive exhibits, met and astronaut and got autographed pictures! More info here.

Monday, August 9, 2004 from 10:30am to 11:30am, the Children's Museum held an "Out of This World" NASA event! Children, families, and visitors viewed an interactive space exhibit with presentations by Congressman Sherry Boehlert, Chairman of the House Science Committee, and Fomer Astronaut Mike McCulley, CEO of United Space Alliance. Kids of all ages got autographed pictures and NASA pins and interact with the exhibits! From 12:00pm to 1:30pm, the Children's Museum celebrated our "Cyber eClub NY1 Rotary Charter Party"! Introduced by Boehlert, the keynote"The Vision for Space Exploration" was delivered by McCulley. View more here.

March 27, 2004 Space Science Event at the museum included our 1st Annual CM Science Fair with kids projects; Lutheran Care Active Day participants joined children in building Space Lego exhibits; Congressman Sherry Boehlert, NASA Lead Mars Scientist Dr. Jim Garvin, and Astronaut Ken Cockrell unveiled our newest NASA exhibit, a Mars Rover.

Feb. '04 Princeton Plasma Lab brought us a Jacob's Ladder exhibit. Aug. '03, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center brought us a Space Theatre Lab. Feb. '03 Boehlert helped Museum Director Brown honor the Columbia crew and our extended NASA family. After the ceremony, visitors viewed exhibits & signed our Book of Condolences to SST Columbia crew, their families & our NASA friends. Read OD coverage & NASA's Message to Youth.

U. S. Dept. of Energy's Science Office was at CM Feb. 17th, '03 w/ Hands On Science programs. NASA's Starship 2040 was here March 27th-30th. Aug. '02 Congressman Boehlert brought NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe & a Mars Rover exhibit to the Children's Museum. View more pictures at Space Science.

At a visit to the Children's Museum in August of 2002, Congressman Sherwood Boehlert, Chairman of the House Science Committee and NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced that NASA had adopted the Children's Museum and established a long term relationship with both exhibits and educational materials. In December of 2002, Congressman Boehlert and Dr. Ray Orbach, Director of the Department of Energy's Office of Science, announced that the DOE's OS had also adopted the Children's Museum, the first time, Dr. Orbach said, that they had adopted a children's museum. Our 4th floor's Grand Opening took place on Friday, Dec. 6, 2002 with dignitaries, guests, elected officials, corporate sponsors, the media, and the board of directors. Included were Congressman Boehlert, Dr. Orbach, Scientists from Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in CA, Fermi National Accelerator Lab in IL, and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab in NJ.

The Congressman, Director O'Keefe, and Dr. Orbach announced NASA & DOE's Office of Science have adopted the Children's Museum in Utica, NY! Exhibits unveiled included NASA, DOE, Airplane, Fire & Police Dept's, Flags, Stamps, our airplane, 4th Floor Charter members plaque. Our 4th floor is open to the public four times a day for a half hour each time, and for field trip space science programs booked. If interested in volunteering as guides, email Museum Director. View our beginnings, view an awesome panaromic picture of the world from space, and track the International Space Station's orbit.

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July 13, 2005 Executive Director's Memo: "God Speed, Discovery"

I thought I'd share something that was sent to me. Written by a former Shuttle flight director, it's a good piece to keep in mind.
From: N. W. (Wayne) HALE JR.
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 1:50 PM
Subject: Flight Prep

Last fall, NASA gathered many of the leading explorers of our day, not just astronauts but explorers of the deep oceans, mountaineers, those who make scientific expeditions into deep caves, others who seek scientific knowledge in volcanoes and other dangerous places. One of the panel discussions centered on risk and safety. It is a cliché in our business that "safety is the most important thing". One of the panel members - well acquainted with dangerous activities - observed that "in exploration, the most important thing is - to go."
Sitting on the ground is perfectly safe. Keeping a ship in the harbor is perfectly safe. But in our business - sorry to break the myth - the most important thing is not safety. The most important thing is - to go.

The most inspiring feat of exploration in the annals of polar history was the 1914 Shackleton expedition which attempted the first crossing of the Antarctic continent. Shackleton recruited his team with the following advertisement in the London newspapers: "Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success."
Safe return doubtful. Where would that be on our hazard assessment 5x5 matrix? The expedition was not ultimately successful, and there was precious little honor and recognition, at least at first; the good news is they did all return safely.

Today, do we have the values and fortitude to be explorers? To be a successful explorer requires willingness to take on risk. To insist on no risk, or minimum risk, or even achieving a perfect understanding of the risk crush any hope of success.

A year ago, on the first anniversary of the loss of Columbia, General Howell reminded many of us of the great sacrifice our friends had made. He told us it would be a shame if we let their sacrifice go for nothing . It would be a shame to quit now. It would be a shame if we stopped exploring because we have become too fearful of the risks that they knew were worth taking.

Recently, I heard Dr. Jon Clark speak to a group of students about his wife. He quoted a poem that she wrote some years ago in a letter to a college friend. As we face decisions in the days ahead, remember the words of Laurel Clark, Columbia crewmember:

"To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing our true self.
To place your ideas, your dreams, before the crowd is to risk loss.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try at all is to risk failure.
But to risk we must,
Because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The man, the woman, who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing."

"God Speed, Discovery" - Children's Museum Executive Director Marlene B. Brown

"From Giant Leaps to Baby Steps" - NY Times article by former Astronaut Eugene Kranz

Take a look at the beginning of our renovation & the process that brought us to this opening.

View our special 4th Floor Charter sponsors.

View our historic building pictures!

Track the International Space Station.

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It takes a community to make a vision a reality.
The following helped make our 4th floor opening a reality:

National Aeronautic & Space Administration & Director Sean O'Keefe
Dept. of Energy's Office of Science & Director Dr. Raymond Orbach
Congressman Sherwood Boehlert
Rig-All (Patty & Rusty Williams)
NYS Senator Ray Meier
Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito
County Executive Ralph Eannace
The Community Foundation
Ted Kibiuk & his airplane
Scott Madonia & Madonia Electric
Pacemaker Millar * Gauthier Fabricationg
Roger Sinnott * Zangrilli Engineering
Bernie Coffey & I.B.E.W. # 43
NY Power Authority * Earl Lewis
Oxford Medical Imaging * Job Ready
Oneida Indian Nation & Chuck Fougnier
Hannaford's (New Hartford) * The Fountainhead Group
Mauro's Glass * Fred Collis & Sons * H. F. Brandeles Co.
Ricardo Rosero & MVCC's Carpentry Class
Mark Waldrop & MVCC's Escoffier Club
Senator James Donovan Memorial Fund
Dr. Theodore & Malva Max * Dr. Joel Amidon
Bill Steppe & The GE Elfun's
The Hartford * Earle Reed & ECR
Joseph Flihan & Co. * Lincoln Davies
J-K Lumber * McQuade & Bannigan
Joe Fraccola & the USPS * Indium Corp
Chris Destito & The Beeches
F. X. Matt's * Bremer & Bullock
Bronson Contractors * SCI Plywood
The Burns Agency * Mayor Tim Julian
Deputy Chief Dick Stemmer & the UPD
Assistant Chief Russell Brooks & the UFD
OC Sheriff Dan Middaugh & UnderSheriff Peter Paravati
The Utica OD * Regent Broadcasting * Herkimer Telegram
MV Business Journal * WKTV Channel 4 * WUTR Channel 20
Metzler Printing * Classified * Mirage * Carleton Boone
The Board of Directors * The CM Staff

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Exhibits provided the Children's Museum from DOE & NASA

"Plasma Display Toys" - shows students what "plasma" is by lighting a fluorescent light bulb without a perceived power supply, provided by Princeton University Physics Laboratory in New Jersey.

NASA exhibits provided by Glenn Research Center in Ohio. A 1:15 scale Space Shuttle Orbiter Columbia * A 1:3 scale Lunar Lander Module * A 1:3 scale Mercury Capsule * A 1:3 scale Gemini Capsule

NASA exhibits provided by Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama. A NASA Space Theatre.

"Magnetic Levitation Technology", a neat activity featuring a small maglev car, a short track, ring magnets, a pole, poster and activities, provided by Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island.

"Kaleidoscope Chemistry", become chromatographers - study the science of how color is used in the process of analyzing mixtures of chemical substances, provided by Ames Laboratory in Iowa.

"Gravity Accelerator", explore the relationship between velocity and energy, by racing a ball as it rolls around a "gravity accelerator" track, provided by Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois.

"Electromagnet Stands", add power to metal wrapped in copper wire + "Tangram Activity" used to demonstrate data analysis/problem solving, provided by Jefferson Laboratory in Virginia.

"Science Display and Toys", scintillation detectors and electronics commonly used in high energy particle physics experiments, provided by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California.

View International Space Station & Picture of Earth from Space

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