Birthday Parties for Children 3 to 6 years of age

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Download Party Guidelines; & Party Invites. Party Extras are available.

We offer 2 Types of Bday Parties (for children 2-7 years if age): 1.) we cater - Saturday am's only: (we decorte, set up, order any food, clean up); 2.) you would bring all items (any morning of a day we're open, setup & cleanup the room)! Both parties include exploring the museum. Price for 1.) is $250 for up to 25 guests; Price for 2.) is $150. or up to 25 guests.

You MUST Email us the a.) date you'd like; b.) whether it's Party 1.) or 2.) so we can check that date for availibility (only one event per morning)! Questions?

Saturday's at the Children's Museum we host Birthday Parties in our Birthday Room for children ages three to six years of age. Starting at $250 for up to 25 guests, we can help you plan a memorable time, in a safe, unique enjoyably setting, with no set up or clean up for you! Any other day of the week, in those am hours, you could alco hold an am bday party, if the date is available.

Packages/Costs: we have 1 Catered theme party(up to 25 people total, birthday child, friends, & family),, and 1 Non-Catered party available to choose from. During a 2 hour & 10 minute time frame (9:45am-12:15pm) children can explore and enjoy the four floors of the Museum with their chaperones, and spend 25-30 minutes (celebrating in our birthday room, when you'll privately enjoy your pizza & low sugar cake or cupcakes. The time before the birthday room time slot you'll spend greeting your guests & enjoying our 1st floor exhibits. The time after your birthday room time slot, you'll spend with your guests enjoying our 4th, 3rd, & 2nd floor exhibits. We require you take your presents home to open (unless you are having no food or drink) so you can stay on the schedule, as the children attending are more interested in exploring all four floors of the museum & its many interactive exhibits. A reminder that the birthday group is to stay together, following the schedule provided, so it's not only more enjoyable for the birthday child when everyone's together on each floor (as the birthday parent has paid for the party), it's also safer.

Guidelines: To ensure the safety of the children and our exhibits, following are our guidelines for birthday party parents or chaperones:
As Parent/Chaperone, I understand it is my responsibility to help keep the Museum safe for all children by going over with them & helping them follow the Children’s Museum Birthday Party Guidelines.
1. All party guests/parents must check-in at front window. Parents dropping children will get their hand stamped to identify return
2. Parents are expected to chaperone and be with children at all times, on all floors (1 chaperone per every 4 children required)
3. Parents/relatives/chaperones must stay with the party child group per schedule (1/2 hour in bday room, 1/2 hour on each floor)

4. No food or drink are permitted outside the birthday room from sanitary & safety reasons. One shelf in our kitchen/bday room refrigerator will be available for the parent only to put food/drink they bring in. Delivered pizza (delivered 3 -5 minutes prior to the party scheduled bday/eating room time/place - will be placed on the side table in the kitchen.
5. All balloons (provided by museum for Catered Parties - provided by parent for Non-Catered parties - must stay tied down in birthday room; after party leaves for 4th floor, staff cleans up the room and ties the balloons to your goody bags to be handed out at the front desk to guests as they leave (presents will be stored safely on the corner kitchen table for the parent to take out by 12:30pm). If parents do the party (Non-Catered ones) they purchase the balloons & take them up front.
6. All presents will be taken home to open so children have time to enjoy the 100's of interactive exhibits on each of our 4 floors.
7. No Running, Pushing, or Shoving- Use Inside Voices so all museum visitors can enjoy their visit
8. Playspace is for children 3 and under, only, chaperoned. Our Life-Size Wooden Train is open to all children to enjoy.
9. Exploration area is for children 3 and up, chaperoned. Younger children allowed if a chaperone is accompanying them there.
10. Remind your children they don’t go behind roped off areas - these are valuable exhibits to be viewed only.
11. Respect the Property of Others - All toys etc. remain in their individual rooms or areas, to be available for all visitors to play with.
12. Help children pick up exhibits/toys when done playing.

* I
f parents don't stay, they must identify themselves at the front window & pickup their child from the birthday parent at end of party, for safety/security reasons.

Got further questions? Check out our online page of Bday FAQ's. Ready to book? Email us to see if date's available. We book parties on a first come, first to submit signed forms & pay 50% the deposit, first served. (Members get a 10% discount on birthday parties & gift shop items)

We hosted 100's of parties this past year!

After parties, children continue to enjoy playing on our 3 floors of exhibits

In addition to the birthday fun, guests also enjoy our 3 floors of interactive exhibits!

Birthday family on our oak stairway

Happy parents, grandparents, birthday children, & guests, enjoy our birthday room

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