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Our renovated and revitalized Living Science Learning Center houses many plants, animals, and insects which enhance the environmental education programs offered at the Museum. The Center houses an Active Bee Hive which is part of an ecosystem with inside and outside components including a flowering plant garden designed to teach children about the interaction between insects and plants. Come meet Hank the snake, Charmin the rabbit, and see and read about our moth and Metamorphosis!

Hank the Snake loves to greet visitors

Our live bee display delights everyone

Gerby the Gerbil comes out of her house

Our Bunny Rabbit takes a snooze

Watching our Hermit Crab get fed

Rocky the Turtle enjoys his home

Watching the fish watch us!

Meet our yellow-bellied toad

For some animals and insects, winter is a time of hunkering down and living off the food they collected, as do the bees. For many in our Living Science area, it's the same requirements year round. For others, spring is a time of renewal and birth. Animals are waking up, returning home and getting ready to start the cycle of life all aver again. Some animals like the Promethea Moth in the picture go through many changes to get to the adult stage. From egg to caterpillar to cocoon to the beautiful adult moth pictured here. This change is called metamorphosis. Do you know any other animals that go through Metamorphosis?

I'm Dino-tongue and I'm here to protect all our Living creatures!

View info above on the Promethea Moth


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