March 2003 A Weekend of Out-of-this-World Exciting NASA Events!

NASA's Starship 2040 landed at the Children's Museum for 4-day events w/Congressman Sherry Boehlert, Chairman of the House Science Committee; numerous NASA officials, including NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe; Marshall Space Flight Center Director Art Stephenson; NASA Office of Educ. Assoc. Admin. Dr. Adena Loston; Astronaut Leland Melvin; and Sean McCool, brother of Columbia Astronaut Captain Willy McCool. View pictures below. View itinerary. View Ceremony lineup. Read poem. Read essay. Read OD article. Read NASA's press release.

Starship 2040 landed at the Children's Museum!

Friday, the crowd lined up to tour it

Congressman Boehlert tours Starship 2040

Joined by excited children

Getting interviewed by an OD reporter

Adults of all ages enjoyed touring Starship

The onboard Starship 2040 bathroom, above; and the elevator to the other floors

Checking out the control panel

Time for a snack!

Starship's food storage

Starship's Life Support

Starship's view of the heavens

Exiting Starship & heading in the Museum

Students enjoyed the 2nd floor presentation by Col. John Dumolin of Marshall Space Flight Center, AL

Learning the role of rockets & boosters & propulsion

An exciting multimedia presentation. above: John & Francine between classes, right.

And on the 3rd floor, NASA educator Ron Ernst

School groups enjoyed trying on space suits

And learning how you sleep in space!

On the 4th floor, they interacted w/science exhibits

And viewed our Columbia shuttle & Lunar launcher

Watching the DVD on a space launch

Viewing Gemini rocket and reading about Plasma

Friday noon, Congressman Boehlert & MSFC Director Art Stephenson present to Utica Rotary

Congressman Boehlert, MSFC Director Stephenson, & Museum Director Brown at Rotary head table

Utica Rotary President Georgiana Roberts-Ide exchanging banners with NASA Rotarians

Back at the museum, MSFC Director Stephenson & Congressman Boehlert address the VIP/Media event

Astronaut Leland Melvin shares his thoughts

Business people enjoy interacting w/ the Director, Astronaut, and Congressman at VIP reception

Astronaut Leland Melvin shares his thoughts

Teenagers excitedly pose for a picture w/Astronaut

Young Mr. Kilian meets an Astronaut!

John Stephenson, Museum Bd of Dir's Vice-Chair, wife, & Director Brown share a smile with Astronaut

Saturday, the crowd poured onto the 4th floor for the Columbia Ceremony

Children get ready for their participation

Policemen and firemen and cadets get set

Utica Fire Marshall Dan Trevisani

Congressman Boehlert arrives w/Admin. O'Keefe

NASA Admin. Sean O'Keefe pins Director Brown

Six year old Trevor Caron leads the pledge to the flag held by Utica Police & Fire Dept. honor guards

Nine year old Rachel Caron reads her original powen on "Astronauts & Space"

Ten year old Nick Rotundo shares his essay on "What Space Science Means to Me"

On Co Executive Ralph Eannace addresses crowd

Utica City Mayor Tim Julian addresses crowd

NASA's Col. John Dumolin, from Marshall Space Flight Center, addresses the crowd

Col. Dumolin presents the Chairman with a Starship model, which is then given to the Museum!

Jim Dunn, director of NASA's NE Regional Technology Center presents portrait to Museum

NASA's Assoc. Admin. of Education, Dr. Adena Williams Loston, shares her joy in the museum

Sean McCool, brother of Columbia Astronaut Willy McCool, tells Director his brother would be proud

Astonaut Leland Melvin enthralls the crowd with his inspirational feelings on being an astronaut

Congressman Boehlert shares his pride in the Children's Museum's new 4th floor growth

NASA Admin. Sean O'Keefe praises Director Brown for her heart & work on the 4th floor renovation

Director Brwon presents Admin.O'Keefe with the Book of Condolences signed by Museum visitors

Dorian Mohar closes out the ceremony with a touching trumpet rendition of "God Bless America."

Sean McCool & Director delighted with ceremony

Participants enjoyed reception in museum's cafe

We opened for a few hours on Sunday and saw another big crowd arrive.

Lining up for Starship and viewing the exhibits explaining "The Highway to Space"

Monday the museum was filled once again with area 4th & 5th grade students touring Starship,

interacting w/exhibits, & taking part in NASA presentations.

Monday afternoon a tired but happy Director Brown watches out the window as Starship 2040 packs up & says her goodbyes

Gerry Kimball of Boehing Rocketdyne

The crew finishes the breakdown

and gets ready for their next "launch"

We'll continue to reach for the stars at the Children's Museum, thanks to Congressman Boehlert & NASA

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