Trains Keep Rolling Into the Children's Museum in Utica NY!

The Children's Museum donated trains just keep rolling in, keeing volunteers busy setting them up & keeing them running! And as you can see by the photos below, children of all ages are absolutely loving them! They are great additions to our 4th floor, joining our real airplane & NASA exhibits.

More trains & exhibits get added to the Children's Museum extensive train exhibit!

Old antique Lionel trains donated in 2014 to Children's Museum in Utica NY!
2015 - even on crutches, CM Jr. Bd. Mbr. Sammy helps Papa Earl with the new train setup
HO trains moved over to make room for new Lionel trains!
2014- w/Bd help, Earl moved our HO train table to make room for another Lionel interactive train table, again donated!
2013 - Bill Sheerin (L) & Earl Lewis put the finishing touches on GE Elfun's funded coal train! View video

2/12 - The ribbon gets cut on our Overhead trins

The crowd assembled loved the sights & sounds!

2/12 - Real train lanterns reflected in a train mirror with the Standard O Lionel trains running overhead the extensive interactive exhibit!

The trains travel merrily overhead the numerous tables of HO/Lionels

And the train exhibits keep growing, thanks to donations & volunteers!

The looks on children's faces as they work the pedals on our trains!

2/12 - Three of the train donors/volunteers viewing their wonderful work!

1/12 - Train Engine with camera is donated to Children's Museum extensive interactive train exhibit, ANDthe engine's path around the train table is viewable on the TV on the back wall!

1/12 - Vols Earl & Bill begin our overhead train track!

Tom Sinnott, Earl Lewis & Bill Sheerin donated add'l cool Lionel train cars

Big green trains on background table will soon be running overhead!

Our train exhibit keeps on growing! thanks to donors & volunteers

Our interactive train exhibits just keep growing!

Solar Panels & other interactive exhibits in our new Science Room

Youngsters of all ages love running the trains themselves via the pedals!

Our interactive train exhibits just keep growing!

March, 2011: Other donated 1940's train sets & valuable paraphenalia now on display in our cases - View latest video of our Lionel train expansion.

Work & expansion of our HO & Lionel interactive train exhibits continue! From R, counter clockwise, volunteers: Earl Lewis, Leif Willson, Steve Mowers, Sam Crisino

March, 2011: Sam adding to our Lionel train exhibit, it keeps growing!
March 2011, Earl & Leif working on the N train & newest HO train tables

Over 100 school children enjoying interacting on all 4 floors

Museum collaboration and being filmed by WKTV

Teachers efficiently lining up their groups

Museum Director, Board, & ASR Conductor greeting all

Our beautiful museum with huge signage from the rear of museum

L to R - our talented & dedicated train volunteers (Earl, Leif, Sam, Steve) continue the expansion of our amazing interactive train exhibits/

Feb. 28, 2011: the latest additions to our Lionel interactive exhibits! Donated by Earl Lewis

Feb. 2011: Left - Earl with some of the items he donated; Above: Earl & Leif working on a new HO train (note the N train in the forefront, donated by Sam)

Feb. 10, 2011: The family of Damian Sands, visiting from the Bahamas, enjoyed running the trains! View OD article on next exhibits & programs with quote from Sands.

Feb. 10, 2011: Front Row L to R: Steve Mowers, Leif Willson, Jay McFarland, Marlene Brown, Deputy Sheriff Peter Servello, Josh Glassberg, Celia Domser, Mary Cardinale; Back Row L to R: Sam Crisino, John Nogas, OC Sheriff Robt Maciol, OC Undersheriff Robt Swenszkowski, Marc Tucci, Brad Brown

L to R: Executive Director Marlene Brown, Marc Tucci, Adirondack Scenic Railroad Stationmaster Jay McFarland, Oneida County Sheriff Robt Maciol, OC Undersheriff Robt Swenszkowski

Sam Crisino, Lionel train co-donator, L. & Museum Exhibits Mgr Earl Lewis, R.

Lionel train co-donator, Steve Mowers, explains how to run the trains

Allison Sands & son, Nassau, Bahamas, Leif Willson, ASR Stationmaster Jay McFarland

Museum Executive Director Brown kicks off the Lionel Train, Sheriff Room, and field trips!

L to R: Sam Crisino, Leif Willson, Steve Mowers - our train guys - who have donated their exhibits, plus their time & talent to set them up!

Closeup shots of our interactive Lionel trains in action!

Marlene Brown w/Steve Mowers
“I grew up in Speculator/Piseco NY, and I have pleasant memories of my family and I making a day trip to Utica to visit the Children's Museum. Now I have had the pleasure of bringing my children, and have done so twice over the last 2 years, being just as fascinated by all of the activities and learning elements as they are. The hands-on, personal interaction with history and science create a beautiful and effective bridge between learning and entertainment that is so vital to the educational experience. There is a broad level of information to accommodate all ages and developmental stages, and with the regular addition of new exhibits, the Children's Museum is an invaluable resource for the family, the school, and the community at large." by Allison Sand, February 11, 2011 , Nassau, Bahamas

Our previously donated HO train, with an expanded setup!

Feb. 2011: These CM Volunteers spent another Saturday working on our expanded HO train exhibits and our new Lionel train exhibits. L to R: Steve Mowers, Sam Crisino, John Nogas, Leiff Wilson, and Earl Lewis (doing a chair break!) View videos on Twitter & YouTube & Facebook

L to R: Sarah Foster, OC Tourism; Marlene Brown, Oneida County Sheriff Robt Maciol,Deputy Sheriff Peter Servello, Undersheriff Robt Swenszkowski

Feb. 2011: The Children's Museum will be doing our official Ribbon cutting of our expanded train exhibits Thurs. Feb. 10th at 12noon.

We'll be announced the official ribbon cutting soon, along with exciting new collaborations! Come work the foot pedals and gaze in awe at the many trains, lanterns, memorabilia!

L to R: MV Chamber President Frank Elias; Ms. DeBuke; Exec Director Marlene Brown; estate Executor Rob DeBuke; CM Board members Brad Brown & Nancy Crisino; CM Bd Chair John Nogas

Yongsters in awe as they take turns moving the trains down the tracks while viewing videos with voice-overs by donor, the late Robert LaPorte.

Folks of all ages love viewing this HO train exhibit!

Oct 2010 - volunteers Earl Lewis, Brad Brown, John Nogas, and Jim Buschmann, with the help of Robb DeBuke & Marlene Brown, dismantle the HO train exhibit donated to take to setup at the museum!

October 2010 - CM Board member Josh helps CM Volunteer Earl hang blinds for our Christmas Village/Lionel Train display

9-10 the ribbon cutting of the beautiful donated Christmas Village with over 50 houses, a train & 100's of village decorations

Taking part w/Director Brown: Board Members John Nogas, Mary Cardinale & Brad Brown + Councilman Frank Vescera

Museum Board Volunteer Brad Brown & Exhibits Volunteer Manager Earl Lewis working on the Christmas houses display

8-10 Museum Board Chair John Nogas & Exhibits Volunteer Mngr Earl Lewis setting up our donated Porcelain Christmas houses display

9-11-10 Hamilton College volunteers making a difference, helping us spruce up our 4th floor & get ready for our new train exhibits!..

L to R: John Nogas, CM Bd Mbr; Jennifer Muthig, Gov's. Regional Rep; John Stephenson, GE Elfun's & Bd Mbr; Museum Director Marlene Brown; GE Elfun Bud Ellis; GE Elfun Bob Axelson; City of Utica Mayor's rep Angelo Roefaro; CM Bd Mbr & MV Chamber rep Ed Waszkiewicz. Read July '09 OD Viewpoint written by Director Brown

July 24th ribbon cutting of our new Lionel Train Table interactive exhibit, sponsored by GE Elfun's. shot by CM Vol Earl

Original edition of the first newspaper in color, in Utica NY! and Original picture of William H. Taft, USA President and James Schoolcraft Sherman, USA Vice President (from Clinton NY) in 1908 at Union Station in Utica as they visited the area.

Children of all ages enjoy our 1st floor Big Wooden Train * To top

Our 3rd floor Train Exhibits area

Children's Museum commomrative brick project Children's Museum commomrative brick project
A panoramic view of the exploration marvels in the Children's Museum
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